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MADD’s Statement on Tiger Woods and Diversion Programs


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“Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) only supports the use of diversion programs when ignition interlocks are required as part of the agreement, and in cases where no injuries were involved.

At the time of his arrest, Tiger Woods was under the influence of prescription and nonprescription drugs. Because he was not under the influence of alcohol, his diversion agreement does not require the use of an ignition interlock. We believe the sentence is appropriate because he will be tested regularly for drug use, serve one year of probation and must attend a victim-impact panel.

It is important to note that alcohol remains the number one killer on our roadways. In these cases, MADD strongly believes that all offenders must use an ignition interlock for at least six months. If Tiger Woods or anyone else who enters a diversion program reoffends, the subsequent offense must count as a second offense.”


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