Power of You(th) fights to prevent 4,300 deaths

Daily, stories stream through our social feeds, make the local news and take front page in newspapers.

Underage drinking claims 4,300 teen lives every year, more than all other drugs combined. Beyond loss of life there are numerous other negative long and short term effects of underage drinking as well.

That’s why, during the month of October when the topic of living alcohol and drug free comes up in classrooms, we ask you to share our Power of You(th) site with the teens in your life.

Power of You(th)

Power of You(th) frame
Power of You(th) Facebook frame

The site, built based on feedback from teens, includes real-life stories and tips on how to navigate the peer pressure of underage drinking.

Don’t get caught up in the myth that the goal of preventing underage drinking isn’t an attainable one. The latest research shows two out of three teens don’t drink. In fact only, 12% of teens are binge drinking.

We need to make sure our teens understand – they are not alone when they take a stand against underage drinking. Check out this gallery filled with photo after photo of the many people who have changed their social media profile to include MADD’s Power of You(th) Facebook frame, teens who say NO are not alone.

Underage drinking isn’t a milestone

It’s dangerous and deadly. Just as a teen’s body is changing and maturing, their brain is developing, too. That means it’s more easily damaged by alcohol. Some of that damage will follow them for a lifetime.

Power of You(th) quiz

Teens are not as good at decision making and problem solving as adults. It’s a biology, not maturity, issue. Drinking underage affects judgement first, a section of the brain that is actively developing during the teen years, and can cause lasting damage.

Point teens in the right direction. MADD and State Farm encourage teens to visit our website powerofyouth.com for inspiration and tips on how to make healthy and safe decisions for a happy and fulfilling future.

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What can teens do to withstand peer pressure to drink? Find out here. 


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