Officer of the Month – Nov 2020

Officer Richard Closius

Miami-Dade Police Department, Florida

Officer Richard Closius has been a member of the Miami-Dade Police Department Impaired Driving Enforcement Squad for 22 years. Rick is also a Drug Recognition Expert, a DRE Instructor, and a Roadside Field Sobriety Instructor.

Officer Closius has made approximately 5000 impaired driving arrests and done 840 Drug evaluations. Besides his nightly enforcement, he is often “called out” on days off for fatal crashes and complicated Drug Evaluations.

Officer Closius is one of the very best at understanding and executing blood warrants since the 2013 Supreme Court McNeely vs Missouri decision. If he took the blood, there is no chance of a technical error. The State Attorney’s Office always breathes a sigh of relief when a DUI case has Rick Closius’s name on the A Form.

Besides Rick’s exceptional work ethic in the line of duty, he is also a dedicated volunteer for MADD.  He attends all MADD Candlelight Vigils and MADD Law Enforcement Recognition Events.  He cares about injured victims and the families of deceased victims.  He shows his support in every way he possibly can.

Rick has achieved MADD Centennial Award status every year, which led to MADD’s Millennial Award.  In Florida Millennial is awarded every subsequent year. Locally MADD has honored Officer Closius with The Trooper Robert Glenn Smith Award and the Officer William Craig DRE Award.

The MADD National Office is proud to select Officer Richard Closius of the Miami-Dade Police Department as its November 2020 Officer of the Month.  We thank him for his years of dedicated service and work in removing impaired drivers from Florida’s roadways.

MADD National thanks Sally Matson, Victim Advocate, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Florida South Affiliate for her nomination of Officer Closius.

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