Officer of the Month – August 2022

August 2022 Officer of the Month

Officer Andy Rodriquez
El Paso, Texas Police Department

MADD proudly recognizes Officer Andy Rodriquez of the El Paso Police Department as our Officer of the Month for August 2022.  Officer Rodriquez has been with the El Paso Police Department for 19 years.

During his career with the El Paso Police Department, he has been part of many facets of the department to include the DWI Task Force and Special Traffic Investigations (STI) Unit.  He has worked hard to help keep the community safe from impaired driving. Officer Rodriguez has returned to DWI Task Force and is a resident expert in providing support to his fellow officers and colleagues.

Officer Rodriguez also helps provide impaired driving educational presentations at MADD Victim Impact Panels and in the community.  In addition, in the months of June and July, he provided presentations to the following groups and organizations: Watch Ur BAC, Texas A&M Agriculture, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Municipal Police Officers Association, El Paso Police Department’s Intoxilyzer School, Fort Bliss Military Police and several Texas Independent School Districts.

Officer Rodriguez has been recognized locally by MADD. Officer Rodriguez truly has a passion to protect the community from impaired driving. His partner, Officer Karl McDonough was killed in a drunk driving crash in 2010. On the day of Officer McDonough’s crash, Officer Rodriguez was off duty celebrating his son’s birthday, or he too would have been in the patrol unit. Years later, Officer Rodriguez was preforming SFSTs on suspected drunk driver when he was struck and injured by another drunk driver.  Officer McDonough’s death and this incident only solidified his passion to end the violent and preventable crime of impaired driving.

MADD National is proud to recognize Officer Andy Rodriquez as the August 2022 Officer of the Month.  We thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the citizens of El Paso, the State of Texas.  We wish him the best in safety and wellness in the remaining years of his career and service to the citizens of the El Paso.

Thank you to MADD’s Vanessa Luna-Marquez for her nomination of Officer Rodriquez for this recognition.


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