Statement: This incredibly frightening image shows the devastation caused by drunk and drugged driving. Fortunately, no one was killed by this crash, but that is not always the case – 28 times a day someone is lost to the 100 percent preventable crime.

The Case: A driver who admitted to using narcotics crashed his car into the second-floor offices of a Santa Ana building, according to police.

The Facts: Officers were dispatched at 5:25 a.m. to the 300 block of East 17th Street, according to the Los Angeles Times. Investigators determined that the motorist had been speeding north on French Street, approaching 17th Street. The sedan then struck the raised center median on 17th Street, which launched the vehicle into the air.

Firefighters from Los Angeles County and the Orange County Fire Authority extricated the occupants of the vehicle while its front end was still lodged high in the building.

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What Can YOU DO: Learn more about drugged driving here.


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