MADD and Amica Insurance Empower Teens Through the Power of You(th) Program

MADD and Amica Insurance teamed up in October 2021 to empower teens to make smart, healthy choices, resist pressure to drink or consume marijuana before age 21, and never ride with an impaired driver through the Power of You(th) program.

Throughout October, which was National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, MADD celebrated the powerful influence teens can have on each other. Just as teens can be influenced by others’ negative choices, they can also be impacted by the positive choices that their peers make. That is why MADD and Amica asked teens to take a stand and be the example. Teens throughout the country committed to a healthy lifestyle by taking the pledge to say no to alcohol and other drugs before the age of 21 and to never ride with an impaired driver. Teens have more power than they might think. Taking a stand and showing their peers that it is 100% acceptable and a smart choice to live alcohol and drug-free is what being an example is all about.

The theme that was used throughout the campaign was “Victim to Teen Leader to National President, Alex Otte changes the conversation and shows what it means to take a stand.”  Alex Otte led events and discussions centered around her journey of survival to becoming the 2015 MADD Youth Activist of the Year and leading to her new role as the youngest national president in MADD’s history at 24 years old.

Based on feedback from teens, MADD revamped the Power of You(th) resources including a new “Power to Take a Stand” presentation, Teen Booklet, and website. The modernized resources are easy to use and designed to be more engaging with teens.

Although Covid has still caused some of our service areas to face some restrictions, the field was able to implement both in-person and virtual presentations as well as provide MADD presence at in-person events at high school and middle schools, college, and community events.

As we move into our 10th year of the program in 2022, MADD is looking forward to continuing to make an impact in the community and changing the conversation by empowering positive choices.

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