In Honor of Fathers…

At nine months of age, a baby builds trillions of brain connections, becomes a master crawler and, often, starts transforming mindless babbling into words like “dada.” First steps are right around the corner!

Unfortunately, my first husband Mike never experienced these wonderful milestones. A drunk driver with a BAC of .34 and an empty bottle of whiskey in his car hit him head on, killing Mike, when our daughter, Tara, was only eight months old.

Drunk driving changed my daughter’s life forever. Far too often, it decimates families. We MUST end this violent crime. Because on a daily basis, it robs children of their parents.

That’s why Tara and I are asking for your help today.

Since Mike’s preventable death, drunk driving has killed roughly 260,000 people and injured 7.5 million others. Repeatedly, I see people shrug off the seriousness of this crime, claim “everyone does it” or discount it as an “accident.”

How many more families have to lose their fathers? It is time to take some steps forward.

Drunk driving isn’t cancer. It isn’t something that randomly happens. Together, we can stop it. We can pass laws that demand offenders face the consequences of their actions. We can support victims in their darkest hour. And we can turn the idea of No More Victims® into a concrete reality through law enforcement and advanced technology.

This is what Mothers Against Drunk Driving will do with your lifesaving and compassionate gift. They stretch the funds to maximize the good it can achieve. witnessed it firsthand as National President from 2008 to 2011 and now as a volunteer. I see just how much MADD does with so very little.

Today, I ask you to join me by making a gift in the name of all fathers. They are too precious to simply ignore.

Thank you for your generosity,

Laura Dean-Mooney
Former MADD National President
Drunk driving victim/survivor

P.S. If you have ever felt compelled to donate to MADD, please consider doing so today. It means so much to victims like myself.

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