Facebook Live: MADD National Pres shares why she will Raise Against Time

MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church invites you to Raise Against Time

I took to Facebook Live to talk with Mothers Against Drunk Driving®’s supporters and fellow victims and survivors about why it’s important to me to Raise Against Time.

Every 50 minutes, drunk driving kills another person. With each click of the clock, we are racing against time. For its inaugural virtual fundraiser, MADD invites supporters to stop racing and start Raising Against Time by hosting a Facebook fundraiser for MADD. Starting Nov. 7 at midnight, the campaign will run for 50 hours to honor those killed every day by this 100% preventable crime.

Here’s why I believe it’s important you join me.

Sign up now!

Please join me asking 10 friends to donate $10. Together, we can raise $100,000 to end drunk driving. RSVP here.

I’ll be broadcasting via Facebook Live again Nov. 7th so please consider joining me to share your progress.

Remember, we have social posts and graphics for you to share here. Or craft your own posts filled with your personal reasons why you are choosing to Raise Against Time.

Remember, your friends and family want to support you.

They want to hear about a cause that is important and close to your heart.

Share with them why you are passionate about MADD. Let them hear from you!



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