ALERT: Upcoming opportunity to save lives

MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church
In November, we will gather around the table to indulge in delicious meals with friends and family. For many of us, the day after Thanksgiving and all of the days in the next month will be spent buying presents, baking treats and providing retailers everywhere with that holiday season bounce.

During that time, almost 30 people a day will die from drunk driving. Statistics tell us it will likely be even more during the holiday season.

Their families and friends will need someone to listen.

Law enforcement will be out in force to prevent impaired driving deaths. They will need tools and tactics to get the job done.

And legislators will begin considering bills for next year. They need to hear from people who believe ignition interlocks for all offenders save lives.

And to achieve those goals, we need you this Giving Tuesday.

Will you help Mothers Against Drunk Driving® raise $29,000 for Giving Tuesday? If MADD can meet our goal, Nationwide will match ALL donations up to $250,000.

Why $29,000? Because it represents the average number of people killed every single day by drunk driving. What that number cannot encompass are the ripples of tragedy and grief that circle out from each death.

What does your gift mean?

That means your gift of $29…trains TWICE as many volunteers for the Victim Help Line.

Your donations of $50…enables a victim advocate to sit with a survivor at a trial for TWICE as long.

And your gift of $75 provides for advocates pushing for lifesaving legislation in twice as many states.

Last year, so many people made MADD’s Giving Tuesday a success. That meant we could support victims for free all year long, share a designated driver message with the country and push advanced vehicle technology closer to market.

As a victim or survivor of drunk and drugged driving, I understand how critical our efforts are toward funding our yearlong efforts. Join us to make sure fewer families experience the pain we know this 100% preventable crime inflicts. Let’s make sure more people get home for the holidays this year.

Giving Tuesday is about more than a day. It’s about an opportunity to give back and have your gifts go TWICE as far.

Tools for success

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

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