Designated Rider

Holiday party season is here, and it’s decked out in mistletoe, jingle bells and flashing lights!

As a Mothers Against Drunk Driving® supporter, you understand the importance of keeping the holly and the jolly in this season by planning to be a designated rider if your activity includes alcohol.

Will you encourage your friends and family to take the designated rider pledge?

When you’re a designated rider, there’s always a road to take you home and a non-drinking driver capable of getting you there safely. It’s a sure, safe way for you and others make it home for the holidays.

Take the pledge

Don’t forget you also can:

•    Display your Tie One On for Safety® decal or ribbon to spark conversations
•    Ask party guests how they plan to get home safely or let others know you’ve made plans ahead of time
•    Offer request an Uber if someone begins drinking without a safe ride home

Drunk driving is a choice. So is being a designated rider. Let’s help make the safe choice easy and convenient.

From all of Uber and MADD, thank you!


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