MADD TN Fails to Pre-Sell Number Required to Regain License Plate

As many of you know, MADD Tennessee has been diligently working to get our Tennessee Specialty License Plate reinstated since we lost it in 2016 when we fell just 25 short of the required annual minimum of 500 renewals/sales needed to keep the plate in circulation.  Though the typical waiting period to try and get a plate back into circulation after losing it is three years, we were successful in getting special legislation passed that would allow us to try again immediately.  However, the requirements for reinstatement were hefty.  MADD Tennessee would need to pre-sell 1,000 plates before the state would reinstate it.

We began a campaign to do so, setting up a pledge website, and spreading the word through Facebook, eNewsletters, blog posts, coverage by the media, and word-of-mouth. We were even approved for a one-year extension of the original deadline given by the state.  The final deadline to reach our goal was June 30, 2019.

We are sad to report that only 109 people pledged to purchase one or more MADD Tennessee plates if they were reinstated, for a total of almost 200 plate commitments, leaving us approximately 800 short of the necessary 1,000.

While we are disappointed that the MADD Tennessee Specialty License Plate will not be brought back into circulation, we are grateful for the support of all those who did make a pledge!  Thank you so much to each and every one of you and to everyone who played a part in helping us spread the word or encouraging others to make a pledge!

We want to extend an extra special thanks to Norris and Aline Skelley who were instrumental in getting us our plate in the first place and who have worked so hard over the years to try and help us keep it!  Their dedication to this project has been inspiring!