MADD Offers Free Victim Services

 MADD Victim Services supports bereaved victims and injury survivors who are left to deal with the aftermath of a drunk or drugged driving crash or an underage drinking incident. We consider a victim or survivor to be:

• An individual who is injured in an impaired driving crash
• A family member of an individual killed or injured in an impaired driving crash
• Someone whose property was damaged in an impaired driving crash but who wasn’t physically injured
• A family member whose loved one was killed due to an underage drinking incident
• A family member whose loved one was injured due to an underage drinking incident
• A friend or coworker or acquaintance of an individual killed or injured in an impaired driving crash
• Neighbors, witnesses, first responders or media personnel who have been affected by witnessing or hearing about an impaired driving crash

MADD Tennessee strives to provide comprehensive care to our victims and survivors through a variety of services which include:

• Emotional support:  Our Victim Services Specialist and Advocates are here to listen, even when family and friends are tired of listening.  We understand that healing can be a long and difficult journey.  We understand that an impaired driving crash has a lifelong impact.  Rather it’s been a day, or fifteen years, we are here to support.

• Referrals:  Often after a crash, families are overwhelmed with what comes next.  There can be medical bills, attorneys, long-term care issues for injuries, decisions to be made in light of changing family circumstances, etc.  Often they are in need of services they never even knew existed.  Our Victim Services team is sensitive to these needs and can offer suggestions and resources to help direct families to the kind of help they need most.

• Court advocacy and support:  Our Victim Services Specialist and Advocates can not only help victims better understand the judicial process following an impaired driving crash, but can also offer guidance and support as they seek the answers they need and the justice they desire.

• Assistance with the State Memorial Sign Program:  The Tyler Head Law of 2016 and the  2017 Shadow’s Law Amendment allow for memorial signs to be erected in honor of victims killed in impaired driving crashes in Tennessee.   MADD Tennessee Victim Services Specialists help families with the application process and sign arrangements.  More information including eligibility requirements and contact information is available here.

• Assistance with Board of Parole Registration:  Crime victims have the right to be notified of parole hearings involving offenders in their case(s). However, victims must register with the Board of Parole to receive these services.  MADD can assist in making sure victims are registered for this service.  Click here for more information.

• Poetry by TN Victims/Survivors of Impaired Driving Crashes and Underage Drinking Incidents:  Many victims/survivors use poetry to cope with the grief and pain of traumatic loss or injury.  We post submissions to help with healing for the author and for others who may read the poems and find comfort in realizing they are not alone.

Click here to request FREE Victim Services in Tennessee for yourself or someone else.

You can also contact us directly:

  • In Tennessee, contact us at 800-544-6233 or [email protected].
  • For immediate assistance, you can also contact our MADD National Helpline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 1-877-MADD-HELP or go to our National Victim Services page for more info and an online “chat” option.

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Victim Services PSA – “You’ll Always Have a Place at MADD”