Repeat Offenders in Tennessee

Norris and Aline Skelley hold a picture of Aline’s brother, Chris

FOX 17 News interviewed MADD Upper Cumberland volunteer, Aline Skelley, whose brother Chris Conatser was killed in 1993 at the age of 23 by a repeat offender drunk driver.  The story discusses how the investigation uncovered repeat offenders in Tennessee who were convicted of 1st DUI offenses, instead of the felony DUI conviction which Tennessee law says is applicable for the 4th or more.  FOX 17 Repeat Offenders

As with the recent tragedy involving a crash with a repeat offender involving four Briarcrest High School students traveling with a grandparent from Memphis through Mississippi to the beach, too many families are left wondering how something so preventable could continue to happen.  (Read the FOX 6 News story about how the lack of a statewide database contributed to the alleged offender repeatedly pleading DUI 1st offense in this case.)

MADD Tennessee is working with our partners in law enforcement, legislation, and other advocates to find a solution that would reduce these senseless losses.  No life lost is acceptable!  No injured victim is ok!  No family or community should ever be impacted by the horror of a drunk driving crash and its aftermath!

If you want to join us, there are a number of ways you can help:

1.  Read this for the latest on Tennessee legislation regarding drunk driving laws to see what successes we had last year and how you can contact your local legislator to help influence future legislation we hope to see enacted.

2.  Click here to learn about our latest efforts to push for solutions to repeat offenders and see what you can do to help.

3.  Support a Walk team in honor of a drunk driving victim like Chris Conatser or Maddie Kruse and Rachel Lynch.