Hands Across the Border

On Friday November 16th, MADD Victim Services Specialist, Kelly Stafford, attended a Hands Across the Border event. Hands Across the Border is an event where South Carolina law enforcement join fellow officers, troopers, and deputies in Georgia/North Carolina to conduct joint check points in their respective states. This event involved the 14th Circuit LEN, MADD GA, and Georgia area law enforcement and took place in Hardeeville, SC.

A meeting was held at the Hardeeville/Ridgeland Middle School where dinner was provided. Kelly invited Ashley Aldridge who spoke briefly about her son Nicholas. Nicholas and his girlfriend were killed earlier this year in Conway, SC. Ashley thanked law enforcement for putting together checkpoints and stopping impaired drivers.

After both Georgia and South Carolina law enforcement spoke, everyone headed to the Talmadge Memorial Bridge which is at the SC/GA border on Hwy 17. The Jasper County Sherriff’s shared their data from the checkpoint: 2 open containers, 3 expired tags, 1 expired driver’s license, 1 expired vehicle license, 5 no driver’s license, 1 driving under suspension 1st, 1 child restraint violation, 4 warnings. Approximately 200 cars passed through the checkpoint on the SC side.

While MADD Victim Services Specialist Kelly Stafford was at the Georgia/South Carolina border, MADD Volunteer Specialist, Chris Phillips was at the other end of the state. Chris had the opportunity to honor law enforcement and a special victim at the North Carolina/South Carolina boarder. A special MADD volunteer was present to honor her son, Victor, who was killed a few short years ago by a drink driver. Margie Carosiello, mother of Victor Carosiello, inspired officers from both states as the officers finished eating dinner together.

Mrs. Carosiello, or “Ms. Margie” walked the room and passed out challenge coins to officers from both states before heading to their respective checkpoints. Many officers came and gave Ms. Margie a long embrace and words of encouragement as they exited the room. Commanders from both state’s Highway Patrols made sure to get a picture with Ms. Margie and let her know tonight was for Victor.