Mission Moment

At all of our staff meetings and calls we start off by sharing a mission moment. This past weekend one of the women we have had the privilege of working with for many years shared a story on her Facebook page that she graciously has allowed us to share on ours. So here is our first online mission moment shared by Jenn Kreske:

“Weekend Reflection: I took Asher to Lowe’s so he could pick the materials for his Civics class-project. (He’s making a table). Of course, he needed ONE more piece of lumber that was on the top shelf. A very patient and kind Lowe’s employee named Corey helped Asher out and took down an entire pallet. Fast-forward to Asher and I loading the materials into my car and Corey was out there helping another customer. We were just about to get in my car when Corey noticed my MADD bumper sticker.

It was then that I had “a moment”. Corey shared that his Dad was also killed by a drunk driver and that that his kids never got to meet their Grandpa. I shared that my boys never got to meet their Nanny. We then had “a moment” together…unspoken…a moment that we knew we were part of a club that no one wants to be part of. I told him about the upcoming MADD walk and that I would walk in honor of his Dad. That’s what we do…us MADD walkers…we walk for our families and for other families as well. Even families that we meet at a chance encounter. It is these encounters that make me realize we truly are in this together.”

Thank you Jenn for sharing this story with us. What a beautiful reminder of why we do what we do every day for the people we love, for those we have just met, for those we have yet to meet and for those we will never get the chance to meet who have been impacted by drunk or drugged driving.