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2023 Walk Like MADD Auburn – August 19, 2023

At Mothers Against Drunk Driving, we are focused on one goal: ending impaired driving for good! Since our founding, we have served as a lifeline for thousands of victims, survivors, and their loved ones. Every day someone’s worst nightmare comes true… Their lives suffer injury and loss in ways they have never imagined. Every day, MADD Alabama is here to help. 

2023 Walk Like MADD Auburn – Featured Family

Rayanna “RayRay” Powell. Rayanna was born on October 23, 1999.   According to her mom, she was devoted to reading and spreading God’s word. In addition, Rayanna took great pleasure in being involved in sports—softball! 


Rayanna had just moved to the Auburn, AL area to attend school. On Friday, August 28, 2020, she and one of her friends were heading back to her apartment that Friday night when their vehicle was struck head on by a pickup truck driven by the offender. Rayanna was ejected from her vehicle and pronounced dead on the scene. Her friend was hospitalized but survived.  


Last October, the MADD Alabama Victim Services Team assisted the Powell family during several judicial proceedings to get justice for their beloved daughter, sister, and friend.  


Since the crash, the Powell family has gone on an emotional roller coaster with not only the loss of their youngest daughter and coping with the tragedy of her death, but also attending the multiple court proceedings that left her loved ones angry, confused, and without closure. The victim’s family channeled their frustrations into becoming continually active in various MADD events, such as the Walk Like MADD events. The offender recently took a plea of 20 years to serve in prison. The family has remained steadfast in being dedicated to MADD’s mission to honor their daughter and save future lives from this preventable crime.