Why We Walk:  Nicole Hutchinson

Why We Walk:  Nicole Hutchinson

My little sister, Darcie, was killed by a drunk driver. I can still vividly recall the night 22 years ago that my life was forever changed. It was Friday the 13th, and I was working the evening shift. I answered a call that changed my world and that of my family forever. My initial reaction was complete shock. I did not want to believe it, but I also wanted answers and no one could give me any answers as to what, who, how did this all happen?

The man responsible for her death, a habitual drunk driver who was a three-time offender, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with five years suspended.

Who was Darcie?

Darcie had a great smile, infectious giggle and a head of curly brown hair. She was a true friend and extremely loyal. She loved country music much to my dismay and our brother took her to her first Garth Brooks concert. She was my ‘mini me’ and took over my closet when I went away to college.

Why We Walk

MADD works in more than 600 communities across the country, and has more than 1,400 trained victim advocates on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support victims with comfort or legal assistance they can rely on. I serve on the North Carolina Board for MADD and as a victim impact panel speaker, a victim advocate and chair and co-chair of Walk Like MADD events in North Carolina and Maine.

Sisters Are Forever

I do not think the pain gets any easier, it is just different. There is emptiness in my heart that will never be filled no matter what I do. I have yet to be able to forgive the man who killed my little sister. I am working through so many emotions from the past 22 years in order to get to the place where I will be able to forgive him.

I hope that no one else will have to experience what my family has had to go through from losing Darcie to a three-time repeat offender of drinking and driving. I hope that I can impact one person to make the right decision to not drink and drive. I also realize that hope is not a strategy. We need to educate our youth, parents, prosecutors and law enforcement about the effects that drinking and driving has on all involved. You never think that it will happen to you.

Most of all, I hope that I make Darcie proud.

Will you join us?

On this 10th Anniversary of Walk Like MADD, I hope you will rally with me in one of the 90 cities around the nation to help create a future of No More Victims. For more information, please go to www.walklikemadd.org.


Nicole Hutchinson

Team Captain – Sisters Are Forever

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