Walk Like MADD training

We brought together volunteers and staff members from across the country for a multi-day Walk Like MADD training session.

Walk Like MADD is our signature fundraising event, and it takes place in more than 90 cities across the country. The walks and runs are a way of not only honoring and remembering those we’ve lost to drunk and drugged driving but, also, a way to celebrate their lives and inspire others to commit to ending drunk driving. Funds raised at Walk Like MADD events stay in the community, meaning participants are taking an active role in making THEIR streets safer.

Our largest training event yet, the training covered best practices, fundraising, a visit by Donor Drive and a celebration of what we are achieving with every step we talk to Walk Like MADD.

The first day kicked off with a mission moment from National Board Member Heather Geronemus. “Mission moments” are what we call the moments that help us understand the devastation caused by drunk driving and why we are dedicated to a future of No More Victims®.


Then, we were pleased to turn over our Facebook feed to drunk driving advocate and victim Bill DeMott out of Florida.

We thank everyone who could attend and everyone who supports Walk Like MADD. Together, we will walk to ensure #DrunkDrivingEndsHere.

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