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Use Your Instincts

As teens, you are at the age where being able to make your own decisions is imperative. The days of peer pressure are settling in and becoming normalized. How does one stay strong-minded through times of adversity? Know your limits and stay true to yourself. As teens, you must understand the long-term benefits of knowing when to say no to peer pressure.

Research shows that teens are abusing alcohol more than any other substance. Teens must educate themselves on the many risks of drinking and driving. When consuming alcohol, teens are more likely than adults to partake in binge drinking. This act leads to higher BACs when they get behind the wheel.

Growing and learning

Puberty is here, and both your mental and physical stature are changing.  Your bodies are still growing, and your brains are still maturing. Which means the more exposure to alcohol, the more at risk you are.

Not educating yourself about the life-changing risks of drinking and driving can lead to a lifetime of regret.

Teens are still developing, both mentally and physically. This element makes problem-solving and decision making it harder for them. Underage drinking affects teen’s judgments before anything which ties to the part of their brain that is still expanding.

The power lies within you

Teens face the peer pressure of underage drinking way more than they should. What teens should realize is no matter what the power lies within themselves. Teens can say no, be responsible, or ask for help. Here are a few things you can do to stay safe.

Download a rideshare app such as Uber.

Understand it is better to call for help than risking your life.

Keep the safety of yourself and your peers at the forefront.

Always be aware of your surroundings.

All things that teens should feel comfortable doing if stuck in a situation involving underage drinking. Teens hold the power to change the stigma of underage drinking. Help teens like yourself take the initiative now with Power of Youth.

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