Why We’re Here: Alice “Peaches” and Bryan Young

Alice, or “Peaches,” as everyone knew her, and her husband, Bryan Young could not have been prouder of nephew, Delanie Walker!  He was playing in the biggest game in the universe:  the SuperBowl!  They wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Delanie, who now plays for the Tennessee Titans, personally tells their story:  a story of a close-knit family and of the night his biggest fans were killed by a drunk driver after watching him play the biggest game of his career, proving no one is immune to this 100% preventable crime.

After reading their story, be sure to take the pledge to be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player – the designated driver – this football season.  Celebrate.  Enjoy the game we love so much.  But, make sure everyone makes it home safely!  That’s the most important position this season and any season!  No one needs to lose their biggest fan!