2021 MADD TN In-Person Victim Impact Panel Classes Currently Limited

We currently are able to offer in-person classes in at least one location/region: Alcoa and Sevierville in East Tennessee; Memphis and Jackson in West Tennessee; and Ashland City (in both English and Spanish), Cookeville, Nashville (in both English and Spanish), and White Bluff in Middle Tennessee. No additional locations are available. You can register for available classes at www.maddvip.org. As always, we recommend you check our website on the day of your class, to verify it has not been rescheduled for weather or Covid-19 reasons. Click here for the latest list of 2021 Victim Impact Panel (VIP) Classes Rescheduled Due to COVID-19.

To find an in-person class:

  1. Go to www.maddvip.org, and type where you live in the white box.
  2. A list of MADD VIP locations near you will pop up.
  3. Click the location where you would like to attend.
    • If no class times/dates are listed, we are unable to host classes at that location at this time due to Covid-19. As classes become available, they will be added to the location’s page, so feel free to check back regularly.
    • For those locations where in-person classes are being offered, you can register by clicking the “register” button listed next to the class date/time you wish to attend.
      • Most of our classes are extremely limited on capacity due to social distancing requirements, so we highly recommend you pre-register for in-person classes in order to guarantee your spot in the class.
      • Please carefully review additional information at the bottom of the location’s page regarding Covid-19 safety practices for in-person classes.
      • Also, be sure to click “Important Rules & Information (Must Read)” in the red box at the right of the location’s page.

A MADD Online Victim Impact Panel class is also available in English and in Spanish. Click your chosen language for more information.

Courts/Probation offices: downloadable flyers listing all 2021 dates for locations hosting in-person classes can be found by following the instructions above and clicking “Important Rules & Information (Must Read)”

(Updated July 1, 2021)