Voices of Victims: The Brooks Sisters

Jasmine Lashay Brooks was born September 9th, 1991. Jasmine came into the world at 6lbs. 7oz. Jasmine was a very sick little girl. Doctors did not expect her to live very long, but with prayer, she became a very happy and healthy little girl. Jasmine grew into a beautiful young lady who graduated from Stratford High School in 2010. She was so happy and excited. Her family held a huge celebration with friends and a ton of food. Jasmine loved cooking and she enrolled in Trident Technical College in the Culinary Arts program. Jasmine was also interested in modeling and fashion and she loved working with make-up and cosmetics. She was planning on attending the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School. Jasmine was an amazing writer and she loved writing poems. She had so many plans for her future. She always spoke about taking care of her family. Out of all of her siblings, she was the overprotective one. She was especially overprotective with her mother Antonia. Every birthday and holiday was special to Jasmine because she was able to gather with her family. She loved her siblings. Jasmine especially loved her nieces and nephews. Although she did not have any children of her own, she did want to become a mother one day and she would have been an amazing mom. Jasmine, her aunt, and sister always talked about opening their own business that offered massages, hair styling, professional make-up application, manicures, and pedicures. They even had a name picked out which was a combination of all three of their names.

Shanecquia Lashay Brooks was born on December 7th, 1986. Shay, as she was called, was born a preemie at 3lbs. 7 oz. She graduated from Garrett High School in 2005. Along with her High School Diploma, she also received her Cosmetology License. Shay attended Trident Technical College and was registered in the Associate of Arts Degree Program. Shay really loved cosmetology, especially styling hair. She was such a loving and giving person and had so many plans for her future. She loved to laugh and spend time with her siblings. She called her mother, every single day. She had a very close relationship to her mom Antonia. As Shay got older, her mother would tease her and say, “I’ll be glad when you give me a grandbaby.” One day when Shay was 29, she called her mom with exciting news. Shay was pregnant. Four months later she delivered a baby girl and instantly became an amazing mother. Shay loved her daughter, Jai’lyn, immensely. Jai’lyn was named after her father, Jai’von. Jai’lyn knew her colors and alphabet at the age of two. It was evident Shay and her daughter would have a bond much like Shay and Antonia did. Shay loved cooking and Thanksgiving was her favorite time to do that. Shay always made a cheesecake for Thanksgiving. Holidays and birthdays were always a celebrated time for Shay because she was able to be around her siblings and other family members. Prior to her passing, Shay had recently found out she was expecting another child with her fiancée, Jai’von.

On February 23rd, 2018, Shay, Jasmine, their two brothers and wives, their aunt, and Jai’von Pelzer (Shay’s fiancée) all got together to celebrate a birthday. Everyone was so excited to be together. Shay and her mom communicated all day because her mother was babysitting for all four grandbabies that evening. Everyone got together about 8:00pm. Again, Shay and her mom texted throughout the evening up into the early morning of February 24th, 2018. Shortly after the last text messages were received; Shay, Jasmine, Jai’von, and Shay and Jai’von’s unborn child were killed when a drunk and drugged driver hit them. The driver ran three red lights and had been driving speeds in excess of 100mph when he hit and killed them. Shay, Jasmine, and Jai’von were killed on impact. The impaired driver died later at the hospital from the injuries he sustained in the crash.