Melissa Frilot

Shared by Annette Frilot of Inman, SC. Annette shares with us her Victim Impact Statement read at the sentencing of man who killed her daughter. The drunk driver was sentenced to 50 years for the deaths of Melissa, Kortlynn and injury of Daisy.

First I would like to tell you a little about my daughter. She was very outgoing, and you never had to wonder what she was thinking. She always spoke her mind. Sometimes you didn’t want to hear the truth in what she said, but usually in the long run she gave the best advice. Even if you didn’t listen to it until later. She enjoyed spending time with her many wonderful friends. The beach was her most favorite place to go. One summer we went to seven beaches. She graduated with honors from Chapman and had started college at USC Upstate working toward a career as a special needs teacher. She was also pursuing a career in modeling. She had just celebrated her nineteenth birthday and was looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with her four-year nephew, Ellis, whom she adored.

Mr. Brock, due to your poor judgement on drinking and driving, our lives will forever be changed. You took one of my most prized possessions. My child. There is no stronger love between a mother and a child. Especially between a mother and daughter. We were not just mother and daughter, we were best friends. In my heart, I believe everything happens for a reason. But right now, I’m not sure what that reason was. Maybe it was to get another drunk driver off the road so that nobody else would ever have to endure the suffering and pain that it brings when they lose a child. I hope that everyone listening today will think before they drink and drive because it not only effects your life but everybody else involved. We have a real problem in society. People overdrinking and thinking that it will be okay for them to drive. My daughter always wanted to do the driving so that her friends would be safe. I pray that nobody here will ever have to face the horrible reality of losing their child or friend to a drunk driver because it’s a reality I and my family will live with every day. I hope that you think about my child and the lives you have destroyed every day of your life. And may God have mercy on your soul. Thank you.