SC & US Drunk Driving Deaths Up in 2016

Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the official 2016 drunk driving fatality numbers for the nation and each state.  Sadly, drunk driving deaths were up nationally and in South Carolina.

South Carolina had 331 drunk driving deaths, an increase of 24 from 2015.  South Carolina’s total ranks 6th among all states, despite being 23rd in population.  33% of traffic fatalities were caused by a drunk driver, which is 11th highest and higher than the national average of 28%.  Total South Carolina traffic deaths increased by 36 to 1,015.

Nationally, drunk driving increased by 177 to 10,497.  It is the second year of the negative trend of increased drunk driving deaths.  MADD has called on Congress to hold hearings on ways to address this disturbing trend.

You can read more on the latest data here.