MADD SC Power of You(th) October Activation

 At MADD, the month of October is known for “October Activation” for the Power of You(th) program. During this month we focus our efforts on our Power of Youth program to get this information out to our community.  MADD SC had a great month of “activating” the POY program and doing POY presentations around the state to spread the message on underage drinking and encourage students to be alcohol free under 21.

With red ribbon week being in October our Program Specialist, Ashley Merrick, had the opportunity to participate in many school programing activities for red ribbon week. It was an absolute pleasure for Ashley to be able to go into various middle school and have this conversation on underage drinking with students.  While students did activities in their school that focused on drug prevention as a whole, Ashley was able to bring a better understanding of how underage drinking can affect them.  The student were able to see real life stories of what happened to other young people that unfortunately made that decision to drink underage.  Students left the presentation with knowledge and may reasons why they should not drink under 21.  At one of the presentations in Simpsonville, our national sponsors, State Farm, had a representative able to join Ashley.  The State Farm representative briefly spoke about how underage drinking can take away the privilege of driving in the future, something a lot of the students said they were looking forward to when they got older.  During the month, Ashley was able to speak to over 2,000 students.  MADD SC indeed had a great month of “activating” the POY program.  If you ever want Ashley to speak at your school or group of middle or high schoolers you can reach her at [email protected] or 803.748.7333.