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Goings Law Firm Presents MADD SC’s 100 Deadly Days of Summer

Visitors to our MADD South Carolina Facebook page know that we’re well into the season often called The 100 Deadly Days of Summer, acknowledging the increased risk for impaired driving crashes between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Summer and holiday fun is wonderful, but unfortunately many pair celebrating with alcohol and driving.

Our Presenting Sponsor for our social media campaign to highlight this risk and encourage safe driving decisions is the Goings Law Firm. Robert Goings and his team have been friends with MADD for a couple of years now, joined by our common goal of supporting impaired driving crash victims and wanting to prevent the tragedies that can occur from mixing alcohol and driving. We’re so grateful for their support.

MADD South Carolina and the Goings Law Firm look forward to a summer in the future, hopefully sooner than later, of No More Victims. Make your summer a safe one by always planning ahead when your plans include alcohol and making sure those around you do the same.