EPIC is MADD- Faith-Based Partnership

At Right Direction Church International (RDCI), the 5th Sundays are know as “Youth Sunday.” It’s a time where you see youth more visible and involved doing things such as ushering, greeting, and even leading praise and worship. The youth pastor brings the message for that day. It’s a time where children, teens and families get the chance to worship together. It is such a refreshing thing to see young people involved and doing something positive. This past 5th Sunday on June 30th, MADD SC had the opportunity to partner with Right Direction Church International and its youth ministry, EPIC Student Ministry, for a day to bring awareness, resources, and information on the issue of underage drinking. This youth Sunday at Right Direction was called “EPIC is MADD.” Our program specialist, Ashley Merrick had the chance to speak to the congregation during both of the worship services to share how underage drinking impacts teenagers and whys it’s important for parents to have regular, ongoing conversation with their youth person on this issue. Ashley encouraged members to share this information with anyone they knew and don’t be afraid to have the sometimes hard conversations. After each service MADD’s underage drinking resources were available for members to take and share with others. Also during youth Sunday at RDCI the student ministry EPIC holds a parent meeting for parents of middle and high school students. During this meeting our victim specialist, Kimberly Cockerell had the opportunity to talk with parents and share what she does as a victim advocate and share the MADD SC victim board. Kimberly reiterated the message of why it’s important for parents to start and have regular conversation on underage drinking. With the help of highway patrol officer, Trooper Jones RDCI also had a crashed car on the campus from an actual underage drinking and driving crash. It further pushed the importance of message being shared that day. MADD SC is thankful for churches like RDCI and other faith based communities that see the importance in what we do and allow us to reach the community in a different way. If you ever want MADD SC to come speak to your congregation or do a parent or teen session please give us a call. We are here and we ready to help!