Officer of the Month – June 2020

Deputy Marcus James
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, California
Rancho Cordova Police Division

Deputy Marcus James has 24 years’ experience in impaired driving enforcement and he is a Drug Recognition Expert. He has done over 2000 DRE evaluations. He currently focuses on training and mentoring officers in the area of impaired driving enforcement.

Deputy James has developed a training program that is a two-week, one-on-one, individual training class, both classroom and in the field. The training program often is the first time the officers have been exposed to impaired driving enforcement. The education and training each officer receives is key to arresting impaired drivers.

Deputy James created a new version of his agency’s impaired driving report and trains each officer in case law pertaining to impaired driving. He has sought out information pertaining to oral fluid testing as another mechanism for detecting impaired drivers.

Deputy James is passionate about impaired driving. He understands the need for training and educating, not only other officers, but the community as well. He has changed the mindset of many officers and is in touch with the community he serves.

Deputy James regularly attends Town Hall forums to discuss impaired driving and teen driving. He volunteers his time annually to the Stephanie Bellotti Teen Driving Foundation where he speaks to teen drivers about impaired driving and its impact.

Deputy James was also hand selected to sit on the State Impaired Driving Task Force, representing the CA Sheriff’s Association. This task force is responsible for developing protocol, procedures, training and education in the area of impaired driving with a focus on cannabis. The task force will present their findings to the Governor in 2021.

Deputy James is in consistent contact with his local MADD office making sure there is contact and connection with any impaired driving related crashes involving a fatality or injury. His support of MADD’s local office is unmatched. He never misses an opportunity to do what he can to work with MADD.

Deputy James was nominated for MADD’s outstanding officer in 2019. He has received five MADD DUI pins and has made over 400 arrests and done over 2,000 DRE evaluations.

MADD is proud and honored to select Deputy Marcus James as our June Officer of the Month. Thank you Deputy James for your partnership with MADD, dedication to duty and for making our communities a safer place to live.

MADD National would like to thank MADD-California’s Lori Bergenstock, Program Coordinator, and Rhonda Campbell, Victim Services Specialist, for nominating Deputy James for this recognition.

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