Officer of the Month – February 2020

Officer Ryan Goss – Oro Valley, AZ Police Department

Officer Goss is the recipient of MADD’s Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award for Southern Arizona in 2019. He is very active in his agency’s enforcement programs to include impaired driving.

In addition to his DUI enforcement work, Officer Goss is trained and certified to operate his department’s radar equipment, perform roadside field sobriety tests and is a certified phlebotomist.

Ryan’s Chief, Danny Sharp, made the following statement, “Drug and alcohol impaired crashes needlessly kill more than 10,000 people each year. I am extremely proud of Officer Goss and his efforts in removing drug and alcohol impaired drivers from our community before they harm someone and I truly appreciate the wonderful partnership we have with MADD.

Officer Goss states, “It’s silly to do something like drinking, smoking marijuana or taking prescription pills greater than your dosage and going out and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. You don’t realize what it does to you. I’ve had multiple people that I arrest and they’re like ‘I felt fine’ and I say, ‘Well you did absolutely terrible’.”

Ryan is well qualified to be selected as our MADD February Officer of the Month for his work and dedication in keeping the roadways within his community safe.

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