NEWS ALERT: 8 kids in vehicle in suspected OWI crash

Statement: Driving drunk with a child passenger in a vehicle is a form of child abuse. Every child deserves a designated driver

The Case: Two people were arrested in an alleged drunk driving crash after a minivan with eight children inside collided into a wall on I-43 early Wednesday morning in Milwaukee.  Click the video below to learn more about this story:

The Facts: “This couple, according to witnesses, is flying down the expressway. A 50 mph zone doing somewhere around 75 estimated by this witness. All of a sudden they see the car swerve off to the side, smash into the wall,” said Acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt.

What You Can Do: Wisconsin lawmakers and all state lawmakers must take action to curb drunk driving starting with first-time offenders with an illegal BAC of .08 or greater. Speak up here.


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