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Why Are We Moving For MADD This January?

Why are we Moving this January?

Because we can.

We Move For MADD. Because there are so many who can no longer move with us. We are moving to move the mission forward. And we are moving because we want to enter this new year celebrating everything we can do because we are here.

Move 4 MADD is our first-ever movement-based challenge to help you celebrate movement, focus on new goals, and help us move the MADD mission forward.

How does it work?

Part 1: Your goals. Your movement!

We aren’t setting the goals here, you are. Whether you want to move for 10 minutes a day or 60, all you have to do is move!

You can register at any time, for free!! By signing up you start your challenge, all you need to do then is track your minutes moved! (Get Registered HERE)

Everything counts for movement, bike, hike, run, walk, dance, ski, lift weights, take a class, doesn’t matter, as long as you move intentionally, the minutes count!

Keep moving and keep tracking because there may be some incentives for those who work to move throughout the month.

Part 2: Moving the MADD mission.

We created this challenge to be shared. By asking your friends and family to either join you or donate to you as you reach your movement goals, you are supporting the work of MADD. As an organization, MADD can’t do its lifesaving work without funds and awareness. By making a donation to your own goals and asking those around you to do the same, you are giving MADD the support it needs to be able to move the mission forward. PLUS, when you donate or raise $100 or more you get an awesome Move 4 MADD shirt!

This challenge was created to have some fun, move a little, and motivate one another. Moving with the motivation of remembering those who can no longer move with us because of impaired driving and supporting the mission of MADD to end the 100% tragedy that stole their lives.

Move 4 MADD officially kicked off on January 1st, but you can join us at any time! You may just have to adjust your minutes moved each day to reach your goals!!

Let’s move together. Towards our personal New Year goal, using this momentum to push us into a year filled with big goals and big dreams, towards our collective goal of achieving a future with no more victims.

Move with Us! Move For MADD!