Thankful For You-Supporters

There are so many people who make the MADD mission possible in our state. Some of them are people we may never meet, but we appreciate just the same. Today, we are thankful for all of our MADD supporters across the state.

Just yesterday I was walking through a parking lot and spotted a MADD Supporter 2010 bumper sticker. I have no idea who put it on their car and I probably never will. But, I am thankful for that person. Because at that moment, I knew that another person was out there fighting for the MADD mission. Knowing that we are all in connected in this fight against impaired driving makes us stronger. The MADD organization is built with the support of so many who care. We know that not everyone can be a volunteer or become involved in MADD events. Sometimes the best possible thing you can give is a simple one. A show of support. In that support of the MADD mission you are creating change, you are raising awareness and supporting the work being done.

We know that those same supporters are the ones who sign up for legislative alerts and call their senators to make sure they are voting to support legislation that will protect Nebraska from impaired driving. You are the people who make sure their local businesses are being responsible when serving and calling *55 when you see an impaired driver on the road. You are the dedicated donor who makes sure that each year you give to MADD Nebraska because you know each dollar donated is helping. Each action you take makes a difference in the keeping our state safe and bringing us one step closer to a future with No More Victims.

So today, we just want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for choosing to support MADD Nebraska.