2019 Victim Impact Panel Schedule is Now Available

2019 VIP Schedule

Click the link above to download the 2019 Victim Impact Panel Schedule as a pdf, including all of the information on rules and how to attend.

You will also notice some changes with our Victim Impact Panel program this year. The biggest being the addition of an online Victim Impact Panel. The online panels will help us to reach people who are unable to make it to an in-person panel due to distance. Anyone living more than 65 miles from the closest panel is eligible for the online version. The online panel has a higher cost and multiple checks built in to make sure the person sentenced to attend the panel is actively involved in the online version. We are so excited that this new panel will get MADD’s message to so many more across the state. If you have questions on the online panel please call or email the MADD State Office.

Another panel update is the addition of more panels in bigger locations and the elimination of some panels in smaller areas. With the help of the online panel, we are able to focus our energy on areas where we can reach the most people. That means we have added in more panels in areas like Omaha and Lincoln where we have amazing support and attendance. The areas that held panels that were not well attended were eliminated, allowing individuals who would have attended these to use the online option. As an organization, this is the best use of our resources and donor dollars at this point. But, we are also flexible, knowing that if we need to add panels back or re-evaluate our schedule for 2020, we can and will do so. So please, reach out to us with any input for the panel program.

MADD Nebraska is constantly working to provide the best possible program and to keep sharing the life-saving MADD message. We are so thankful to all the partners and volunteers across the state who make this program work. It is truly a program that changes lives and we know that it is only successful because of all of the incredible people involved.