Thankful For You-Victims & Survivors

Victims and survivors of impaired driving don’t have a choice when it comes to the impact of the crime in their lives. But, they do have a choice when it comes to working with MADD. Today, we are thankful for the victims that have chosen to allow us to walk through the aftermath of a crash with them.

We are thankful for the families that inspire us each and every day. The people we have the opportunity to work show us what strength looks like. They are faced with circumstances no one should ever be faced with, yet they find a way through. Then they find a way to take their tragedy and share it to create change in our communities. The families we work with are the advocates in our state, talking to everyone they know about the reasons not to drink and drive. They selflessly share their loved one’s stories with others as a reminder that drunk driving steals lives. They become the driving force behind legislation change and community education. On top of that, they make time to support other families and listen in a way no one else can.

Our hearts are broken each time we learn another person has been impacted by impaired driving. But we are here, standing ready to help each and every person who has experienced this loss. And we are thankful that they welcome us into the most difficult part of their life. We can’t imagine how hard it is to open up to someone, to share your stories and to ask for support. That is why we are so thankful each time you make the choice to allow us to be part of your journey.

We know that a future with No More Victims is coming someday. But, we know that we will not get there without the support of those who have been impacted. The passion and dedication to the MADD mission victims and survivors have is immeasurable. The change they create in our state is incredible.

Thank you. For choosing MADD. For allowing us to be part of your journey, your lives. And for becoming part of our MADD family.