Thankful For You-Partners

Last, but far from least. Today we are thankful for all of our amazing partners across the state. From county attorneys to probation officers to community coalition partners. These people are the incredible team that we get to work with to end drunk driving. We know that a future with No More Victims will not happen unless we all work together and we are so lucky we get to work with the most passionate people in the state to make it a reality.

MADD Nebraska is so thankful for the people who work day in and day out to make a difference in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking. We know that for most of our partners fighting impaired driving and helping those impacted is not their only job, it is just part of what they do. The fact they still take the time to work with a passion for the MADD mission is incredible and immeasurable. Each part of the puzzle is a part that is taking us closer to our final goal.

All of our partners take on their roles with such amazing dedication. They work in their respective community to create change, whether it is ensuring an offender gets all the education they need to never make the choice to drink and drive again or supporting a victim family as they face trial in a case, they are fighting so hard to make a difference and create a better community. We don’t often get a chance to say thank you to them for the difference they are making. We are honored that we were able to add our partners into our MADD Hero awards, honoring county attorneys, probation officers and teams and community partners who go above and beyond in their role. It is amazing to see just how much work is being done behind the scenes to create a safer future.

So, to wrap up our month of thanks, we want to say thank you to our incredible partners! Thank you, to all of the amazing people we get the chance to work with throughout the year. Whether we see you once a year or once a week, knowing you are out there fighting the fight with us makes us know that a future with no more victims is possible.