MADD Speaks

The question we are asked most often is how do we end impaired driving. Unfortunately, there is not a single magic bullet answer. But, there are many things that will work together to eventually end impaired driving. One of the many things we here at MADD Nebraska do to work towards that future with no more impaired driving is education. Helping people to learn about impaired driving and the true cost is a huge part of how we change public perception of the crime and help people to not make the choice to drive after drinking. We also work to educate parents, students and communities about the dangers of underage drinking and why waiting until 21 is the best choice.

MADD Nebraska staff and volunteers are ready and able to speak on these subjects and many others to help educate people in our communities. We have experience speaking about many different topic areas and would love the chance to come out and speak in your community. MADD can speak for anything from a lunch and learn to a school presentation. We have shared risks with rotary clubs, vehicle technology with veterans and policy with principals. It is our goal to present whenever we can to help our community learn more about the work MADD does and why it is having an impact on impaired driving in our state.

Often we find our community doesn’t really know what MADD really does. There are common misperceptions like you have to be a mother to get involved. Too often our community doesn’t know that MADD offers victim services to those impacted by impaired driving crashes. Others don’t know that underage drinking prevention is part of our mission. By being able to share our mission and our story we are able to help our community truly understand the difference MADD makes.

If you have a group that would be interested in learning more about what MADD does or one of MADD’s programs, please let us know! You can call the MADD State Office at (402) 434-5330 or email us a [email protected]. We are so excited to share some of the great information we have with you! We know that by sharing we are connecting others with the MADD mission and ultimately creating a future with NO MORE VICTIMS.