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MADD Hero Award Nominations Now Open

MADD is seeking nominations for the best of the best in keeping our state safe from impaired driving and underage drinking!! And we need your help!

Each year MADD Nebraska holds our MADD Hero Awards honoring those doing work to keep our state safe. The event recognizes outstanding work done by law enforcement, probation, prosecutors, community partners, and volunteers. Each one of the people recognized is a part of the puzzle, a piece that helps prevent impaired driving, educate our communities and ensure that laws are upheld. We know that each person is essential in creating a future with No More Victims. The nominations for the awards are currently open and we are seeking those people who have made an impact throughout 2017.

Awards are given in the following areas:

Adult DWI/DUI Enforcement-Individual and/or Team

MIP Enforcement-Individual and/or Team

Drug Recognition Expert-Individual

Traffic Enforcement Mobilization-Team

Education and Awareness-Individual and/or Team

Probation-Individual and/or Team


MADD Volunteer

Please see the 2018 MADD HERO Awards Nomination form final for more details on each area and how to submit your nomination. We ask that all nominations include detailed information and be submitted to the MADD Nebraska State Office by March 31, 2018. We will notify all winners as soon as possible so they can make arrangements to attend the event. The awards ceremony will be held on May 22nd at Wilderness Ridge in Lincoln at 2:00 p.m.

We look forward to being able to celebrate with so many who have made such an impact on our state and their families. Each year we are honored to spend an afternoon with so many who are passionate about their work and about helping to create a future with No More Victims of impaired driving.