MADD Nebraska’s Top 8 of 2017

MADD Nebraska Top 8 of 2017

As we gear up for 2018 we would like to take a moment to look back at what we have accomplished throughout the past year. Here a few of the highlights.

  1. The 2017 Walk event was incredible. Every goal we had made was exceeded and it was amazing. While surpassing our $14,000 fundraising goal was incredible and so important to be able to continue the MADD mission in our state. The most incredible part of the day was the people. This walk was one of our largest attended events, bringing together the community in such a special way. It was a day of healing for families who saw they were not alone anymore. It was a day of inspiration, seeing so many people who know that a future without victims is possible. And it was a day of commitment, each person leaving knowing they are part of the solution. We can’t wait to do it again in 2018. Walking together fuels the fire here in the MADD office and we are so excited to join you all again for another year walking towards a better future. It is important to note none of this would have been possible without our amazing sponsors, Hy-Vee, AAA Nebraska, Madonna Rehabilitation Center, Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing, Adjusted Life Chiropractic (Shout out to adjusted life for their awesome booth at the event!), Nebraska Grocers Association and Froggy 98.1.
  1. The MADD Hero Awards are always an incredible event and this year was no different. The event is a staff favorite. We are always so honored to plan an event that thanks those who are doing work that is so often thankless. It was so wonderful to see families and friends come together to thank so many who make our state so much safer. We had the opportunity to recognize not only men and women in Law Enforcement who are doing incredible work, but also members of our state probation teams, community partners, MADD volunteers and prosecution teams. It is not just great work by law enforcement that ends impaired driving, it is their amazing work combined with the work of everyone else down the line that ensures our streets are safe. We here at MADD Nebraska can’t wait to start receiving nominations for the 2018 event, they will be open at the end of January. We hope to see some familiar faces, as well as meeting some new Heroes. All this couldn’t be done without the great team of volunteers who helps us to select the winners, by sharing their time they make sure the best nominees are the ones who walk across the stage each year!
  1. 2017 was a great year for volunteer growth at MADD Nebraska. We were so excited to engage new volunteers in almost every area of our mission. They join a team of volunteers whose dedicated work has brought MADD to where we are today. Together these volunteers increase the reach of the MADD mission. It is impossible to know the true impact of the volunteer hours given to MADD Nebraska. What we do know is that none of this would be possible without them. Each and every volunteer makes a difference, whether they share an hour a year at an event or hours each week working in the state office. To say thank you would not be enough. If you are interested in becoming a MADD volunteer in 2018, we would love to add you to the amazing team. Just give us a call or email [email protected]
  1. The MADD Victim Impact Panel program has always been a strong part of the MADD organization. Working both to help educate offenders and heal victims, this program is integral to MADD. While nationwide we have seen Victim Impact Panel attendee numbers continue to decrease with the decrease in arrests, MADD Nebraska has worked hard to grow the panel program and ensure its integrity. Speaking to more than 1,100 offenders this year, our speakers have made a huge impact in our communities. A huge thank you goes to all of the volunteers who make this program happen. First, and foremost, our amazing victim speakers who fearlessly share their stories time and time again to make a difference in so many lives. The program would not exist without their passion to tell the true story of impaired driving. Second, our volunteer facilitators, they are the best! They ensure the panels happen, they give our speakers the platform to tell their stories and they make sure everything happens so smoothly. They are truly rock stars! Last, but not least we thank each and every volunteer that helps with check-in, their time helps to make sure that everything flows perfectly and everyone is treated with respect as they come to the panel. We also must thank all of our locations, who so graciously donate space to MADD Nebraska so we have locations across the state to hold our panels. We are so proud our panel locations are 100% donated, so the fees from Victim Impact Panels can come straight back to the MADD mission.
  1. The end of 2017 brought an exciting change for the MADD Nebraska state office, a locally managed Facebook page. While you have been able to follow the national office for a while, we wanted to give you a chance to connect with us at the local level and now we have it! We are looking forward to building our social media community throughout 2018 and hope you all take a moment to go and like @NebraskaMADD on Facebook. This page joins our blog and newsletter as ways to keep up with what we are doing online. We love hearing from you all, so please use this new platform to share with us.
  1. MADD Nebraska continues to have great success in our Court Monitoring Program. The program is funded by a grant by the Nebraska Department of Roads Office of Highway Safety and works throughout the state. We are always so thankful for our countless volunteers across the state who attend court, track data and look for trends. We know this program makes a difference. The data collected helps us have important conversations with partners about the trends we see and how to hold offenders in our communities accountable. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for the release of our most recent report!
  1. Our underage drinking prevention programs continue to educate in our state. We loved getting the opportunity to train a new group of volunteer facilitators for Power of Youth and Power of Parents in Lincoln this summer. These volunteers help increase the reach of this program in so many ways. They all present and can facilitate trainings, but they also help connect MADD in their communities. Through all of this, they make this program! We know underage drinking is a problem in our state and we are excited that we have amazing programs that allow us to be part of the solution.
  1. Victim Services are the core of the MADD mission and MADD Nebraska continues to be there for any victim that needs our support. The families we have the opportunity to work with inspire us in so many ways. We are grateful they have connected with MADD and allowed us to walk their journey with them. In 2018 we are working to connect with more families who need our services and even more referral partners throughout the state to continue to make sure no one has to walk through the aftermath of an impaired driving crash alone. If you need support or would like to learn more about MADD victim services please email [email protected]

What a year. 2017 was just the start. We can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish together in 2018. Thank you for being a part of MADD Nebraska and for believing in the work we do to end impaired driving.

To a Future with No More Victims,

The MADD Nebraska Staff