It is Time To Use Your Voice!

LB335 is being heard in the judiciary committee tomorrow and now is your chance to voice your thoughts and help prevent the Nebraska DUI law from being eroded.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Nebraska opposes LB 335 as introduced because it would
allow drunk drivers to avoid an ignition interlock order if they enter into a 24/7 program. MADD urges you to
join us in opposition of LB 335 unless it is amended to also require all 24/7 participants to use an ignition interlock.
Since January 2009, ignition interlocks have been required for all convicted drunk drivers. Since 2006,
ignition interlocks in Nebraska have stopped 30,500 attempts to drive drunk with an illegal blood alcohol
concentration of .08 or greater. This clearly shows the need to improve the current interlock law instead of
replacing it with an alternative that does not separate drinking from driving. Passing LB 335 will allow drunk
drivers to avoid an interlock and instead participate in a 24/7 program that fails to separate drinking from

Research and data prove that ignition interlocks are the best way to stop a drunk driver from
continuing to drive drunk. MADD opposes LB 335 because it would make interlocks optional in lieu of a drunk
driver’s participation in a 24/7 program. The reason is simple: 24/7 programs alone do not stop a drunk driver
from getting behind the wheel and driving drunk. Ignition interlocks offer the only technology available that
overrides the deadly decision to drink and drive.

LB 335 removes the ignition interlock requirements for repeat offenders and instead would require
alcohol ankle bracelets, twice-a-day alcohol testing, or random blood, urine or oral fluid testing. None of these
technologies will actually stop a drunk driver from starting his or her car.

So what can you do? Call, email or write your Senator and join us in making your voice heard. The bill will be heard in the judiciary committee on Wednesday 2/13. It is up to MADD and our supporters to ensure our state’s legislators know that impaired driving is important in our state and any erosion of the ignition interlock law currently in place could endanger us all. Not sure who your Senator is or how to get ahold of them? Just click here and enter your address.

Together, we can be heard and together, we can ensure our state law continues to prioritize ending impaired driving and protecting our state roadways. Together, we can create a future with No More Victims.