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Noemi “Mimi” Rodriguez: A Mother’s Story

Over the past several years, Walk Like MADD Kansas City, MO has provided victims and survivors, a place to gather, celebrate and honor their loved one’s life. My name is Noemi “MIMI” Rodriguez, due to a drunk driver and his actions, I have been a part of the Walk Like MADD Kansas City, MO events each year. Since my daughter passed away, our friends and family walk in honor of my daughter, Felicia A. Kuntze, who was killed in 2014.

As a victim, Mother’s Day is a particularly difficult holiday for me because of the loss of my only daughter at the age of 21. It’s also very difficult for her boys, Lucas and Adrien, since their Mommy is gone…  Felicia was so dear and so loving, giving in small and large ways from her deep heart. She would always make me a hand-crafted card with special notes written in such a compassionate way from her heart and her deep love for me knowing how much I love them!  I am grateful to walk in honor of her and her beautiful spirit again this year.