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Marcus Engel

The day our story began…
Our story began October 9, 1993 when our son Marcus was injured in a car crash, on a cold autumn night during his freshman year of college following a Saturday night Blues hockey game in St. Louis. Marcus and some friends were headed to a local diner for a midnight snack. They never made it.

As the carload of teenagers pulled into a busy intersection, a drunk driver ran the stoplight traveling at a high rate of speed and slammed broadside into their small Toyota. Only a thin piece of metal separated Marcus from the full impact of the oncoming vehicle.

When Marcus awoke to a world he would never see again, he faced many obstacles. He has survived many hours of reconstructive facial surgery, adapted to blindness and has found happiness in a world changed forever.

An inspiration for others…
Marcus made a goal of recapturing life. Not only did he accept and embrace the challenge, but the life lessons he learned inspire many people every day. He is a motivational speaker that travels the country and has written several books. He also has a website—

Our MADD Advocate was Bud Balke.  We are thankful for his help and support.

We go to parades with our 1929 Model A Ford and throw out candy with MADD ribbons attached to the spectators.

We appreciate MADD and all their support.

 Phillip & Nancy Engel