Interning at MADD

Have you ever wondered what it was like to intern at MADD? Tristan Ritter, MADD Program Coordinator, talked with Dylynn Otte, intern at MADD MO State Office, to see just what it was like to intern for a national nonprofit organization.
How did you hear about MADD?

I heard about MADD through Meagan Bowers, MADD Program Specialist, and her Social Media outreach with the SIUE Public health alumni page. I also heard about MADD through two of my classmates who were interning at the time.

What made you want to intern at MADD?

I wanted to intern at MADD because I felt there were many components to this organization that would help me grow professionally. More importantly, I wanted to make an impact in the lives of youth and parents, and be part of a mission that strives for change and prevention.  The mission and vision of MADD stood out to me, and made me want to jump on board with their movement.  Also, I was very excited that I could gain a plethora of skills while interning at MADD.

What do you enjoy the most about interning at MADD?

I enjoy the work environment/atmosphere and being able to implement throughout the eastern side of Missouri. Preparing/planning in the office and then going out into the community has been one of my favorite experiences!  I also enjoy the opportunity to see change and growth in the community through evidence based data, especially through our Power of Youth programs and surveys.

What has been the hardest part about your internship here?

The hardest part so far, is wanting to see change occur immediately. I remind myself to be patient in the process, and remember all one can do is advocate and educate for healthier choices and better living.

What has been the biggest take away from your experience here?

Being a part of MADD over this summer has given me the opportunity to make an impact within our community. The biggest take away, beyond the advancement of my professionalism, is learning how important it is to educate on the prevention of impaired driving.  Because, impaired driving crashes are indeed, 100% preventable.

Would you recommend MADD to someone as a place to intern at?

I would highly recommend MADD to someone else. Not only would they gain hands on experience, they also gain experience through observing the prestigious professionals and volunteers within their community and workplace.

If you or someone you know is looking for professional experience in a great environment, contact you local MADD office to learn about an internship experience you will enjoy.