Mission Moment – October 2021


Age 23


In July 2020, Shawn was killed in a crash as he was finishing up work on an active construction site. The crash was caused by someone who was allegedly drinking and tested positive for Fentanyl, Cocaine, and Marijuana.

Shawn was 23 years old. Shawn’s family and friends describe him as someone who never knew a stranger. He was full of life, a protector of those who were in danger, a double extrovert with a habit of making people see the joy in life around them. He had a servant’s heart and helped wherever he saw need.

Shawn’s father, David and mother Dawn, passionately volunteer with their local MADD office to help spread awareness of these 100% preventable crimes in honor of Shawn. They had hopes and dreams for Shawn that will never be fulfilled and want to make sure that people remember that there is always another option besides driving impaired.

MADD dedicates the Prescription Medication & Poly-Drugged Driving: America’s Perception on Consumption and Road Risk Report, to Shawn, David, Dawn the entire Vasquez family, and to all victims of the 100 percent preventable crimes of drunk and drug-impaired driving.

The report can be found at the this link:  https://www.madd.org/press-release/madd-survey-reveals-need-to-educate-about-dangers-of-prescription-drug-consumption-and-driving

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