A mother’s love is a powerful thing.

When a mother or mother figure loses a child to a drunk driving crash, their entire world is ripped apart. That pain moves them to fight so that no other mothers have to go through that horrible experience.
That’s why all month long we’re celebrating the strength of mothers who have persevered under traumatic circumstances by sharing stories from women, moms, like Cata Hauanio. They are the bravest among us who face unimaginable pain yet are working hard to end this devastating crime.
In honor of all of the mothers in this fight, for the month of May, your gift will be matched, thanks to a generous donor, up to $5,000. Your kindhearted support will go twice as far to prevent more losses and pain.

Join their fight this Mother’s Month of May and make 2X the impact. Together, we can end this devastating crime for good.

Cata’s Story:  On Valentine’s Day 2015, my 17-year-old daughter, Phoenix, was killed by two drunk and drugged drivers. Phoenix, her friend, and the impaired driver died in the fiery crash. Bystanders tried to pull my daughter from the backseat, but the car caught fire and my daughter burned to death in the wreckage.

There are many statistics and heart-felt speeches, but there is one thing that a person really needs to hear and that is the sorrow of a mother who has lost her child due to drunk and drugged driving. The day Phoenix died, I felt it was my moral obligation to help spread awareness about the dangers of drunk and drugged driving, underage drinking, and parents and adults who serve alcohol to minors. 

My daughter lost her life because she made a mistake and got into a car with someone she barely knew. She got into a car with someone who said he was the designated driver and claimed to be sober. I talked to my children many times about not drinking and driving, but never about the importance of knowing the designated driver and knowing they had not been drinking alcohol and were sober.

It breaks my heart that Phoenix’s life was cut short. Phoenix was a happy and joyous soul. Her big brown eyes could melt your heart! Her name and memory is all I have left. Phoenix Hauanio will never be forgotten.

I want to prevent others from the heartbreak of losing a loved one. We can all do something to end drunk driving by speaking to as many people as you can about not drinking and driving, helping MADD or even hiding lady bug rocks with secret awareness messages, as I do all in the name of Phoenix.

Cata Hauanio can be found in Kona handing out MADD red ribbons or MADD bags filled with goodies emblazoned with slogans “Not to Drink and Drive” and “No More Victims,” or placing painted ladybug rocks around town to spread happiness all in the name of Phoenix, who was a swimmer at Kealakehe High School. 

Double the impact of your support to MADD Hawaii; donate online during May for a 1:1 match.

     or mail your donation to
MADD Hawaii, 745 Fort Street #303, Honolulu, HI 96813

Mahalo Nui Loa!

On the day of Phoenix’s memorial service, April 18 (her would be 18th birthday), photographer Don Hurzeler’s all time favorite shot was captured while he was swimming in the ocean and witnessed helicopters scattering thousands of flowers. “I was fortunate to capture the beauty of the event just off Kua Bay. The photos have since become associated with both Phoenix and Hospice of Kona as a reminder of the beauty of life and the love we have for those who have passed.”