Guest Author – November 2022

Waymo Train First Responders How to Interact with Autonomous Vehicles

The question is common: If there’s an emergency or incident, how will police and emergency responders interact with a fully autonomous vehicle?

Waymo was the first company to publish a plan to help law enforcement and other emergency responders understand how its technology and vehicles work and be prepared for any situation on the road including emergencies, collisions, and other scenarios where there is no vehicle operator.

Waymo expanded its educational efforts with the release of a training video designed to provide even more information to first responders. These materials are paired with hands-on training for thousands of police officers, fire fighters, EMTs and other first responders where Waymo vehicles drive on public roads including cities in California, Arizona and Texas.

As the holiday season approaches, Waymo is proud to team up with MADD for its annual Tie One On For Safety campaign and urge the public not to drink and drive, and always designate a non-drinking, non-consuming driver.

Waymo is committed to improving road safety and ensuring public safety officials have the knowledge and confidence to interact with a fully autonomous car.

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