Why We Walk…Wayne Lecardo

In his 33 years, Wayne achieved a philosophy in life that was the envy of everyone who knew him. He had a unique skill for anticipating the needs of others and ensuring those needs were met without exception. His generosity knew no bounds, his caring for others, no limits.

Wayne’s perspective on life was truly unique. He was one of those rare people who truly believed it is better to give than it is to receive; he lived his life as a testament to this belief. As a husband, a son, an uncle, a brother, a godfather and a friend, he was always willing to contribute, whatever the cause. He was as giving with his time as he was with his resources. Wayne believed wholeheartedly in the goodness of people.

As a child and teenager, Wayne’s purpose in life, to the delight of his countless friends, consisted of discovering new ways to test his mother Janice’s patience. Never mean-spirited or unkind, Wayne had a penchant for mischief that was as intuitive to him as it was fearless. With gentle persuasion and unerring patience, and undeterred by the challenge of Wayne, Janice helped shaped him into the generous, dependable, loving and kind man he became.

Never shy of taking risks, Wayne followed his childhood dreams, traveling across the United States, living for a time in Boulder, CO and San Diego, CA. Wayne’s greatest adventure came only upon his return to Connecticut, when he met his beautiful bride, Kate Stein.

Wayne and Kate kept the existence of their marriage secret, planning and saving for a fantastic wedding gala that would bear Wayne’s imprimatur – another demonstration of the mischievous spirit that was such a defining characteristic for him. The tragic accident that cut short his beautiful life regrettably cut short that plan. He was a beautiful man, and was always guided by his desire to make sure that the lives of his loved ones were lived to the fullest.