Christopher Hubinger

On December 2, 2007, Christopher Hubinger, 22, went out with three friends. They thought they did everything right. Since they would be drinking, they made sure to have a Designated Driver. However, the Designated Driver later decided to have a few drinks. On the way home, the driver was speeding and lost control of the car, which ran off the road, hit a tree and then a telephone pole. The two boys in the back seat got out of the car while the driver and Chris were left in the front. A nurse passing by noticed the glass on the road and saw the car, which was starting to catch on fire. She pulled the driver out of the car, and yelled, “Is there anyone else in the car?” The other boys said no, and moments later the car was engulfed in flames. Chris never made it out of the car.

Chris was always there for everyone in his life. He was generous to his sisters, his parents, his nephews, his friends and even to strangers. He was honest and hard working, and had a great sense of humor. He never spoke ill of others and could diffuse a person’s anger with just a few words.

Our hearts ache every day for Chris, but we know he would want us to make something good of this. So we decided to share this painful and personal story with you to help others from making the same tragic mistake of drinking and driving.