Why We Walk: Aaron Carrillo

walk like MADDMeet Aaron

Our names are Fred and Margaret Carrillo.

Nearly seven years ago on July 8, 2011, our son, Aaron Carrillo and his friend Jon Cervoni, both 16 years of age, lost their lives to a drunk driver.

Aaron and Jon were headed home after playing a music show at a local church.  They received a call from their friend and band member whose vehicle was stranded and needed help. It wasn’t even a question. Aaron and Jon went to help, something that was very in keeping with their characters.

Jon was seated in the stalled car’s passenger set, and Aaron was in between both vehicle preparing to attach battery cables.

The Crash

During this time, a drunk driver driving on the emergency lane on Loop 365 rapidly approached at speeds up to 70 MPH. The drunk driver did not try stopping, as there were no brake marks – his truck hit the vehicles, Aaron and Jon.

Aaron died instantly at the crash scene. Jon died in route to the hospital. The friend with car trouble survived this crash, but he is understandably emotionally traumatized. The driver was sentenced to 40 years for his crimes.

The Aftermath

We share Aaron and Jon’s story with our community and youth to help make a difference and encourage good choices. In April, we attended the Shattered Dreams program at Burges High where we presented to seniors for the first time.  We are both Burges High alumni; it was bittersweet to be back in the gym where we shared so many memories and now to return to share our son’s story to difference.

We are so proud of what we have done through Walk Like MADD – connecting with others and helping to raise funds to help other victims and survivors.  At Walk Like MADD, we are families rallying together for MADD’s lifesaving mission. All of us walking for a future of No More Victims®!

In honor of the 4th of July weekend and Aaron’s seven-year crash anniversary, we are offering a $5 discount for anyone who registers from 4th of July to July 9th.  Visit www.walklikemadd.org/elpaso and enter “HeartBeats” as the discount code.

Please spread the word!  Ask your friends, family, co-workers, church groups, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, etc. to join us at the walk event on September 15.

For those that cannot join us on walk day, ask them to make a donation in honor of Independence Day; to help us raise the necessary funds to continue to provide free services across West Texas.

Together, we are making a difference!


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