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MADD Volunteers Honored

Every year, the District Attorney Jaime Esparza’s office hosts the 10-mile walk across El Paso. The walk is to honor victims of crime and to let the community know that we come together to be A VOICE AGAINST CRIME. In addition to joining victims of crime on their journey to healing, we also honor those who go above and beyond in our community to make a difference. This year, DA Jaime Esparza recognized 2017 El Paso Walk Like MADD Chair and volunteer, Jennifer Marie Villarreal and volunteers, Rocio & Rebeca Fierro for their efforts in volunteering with MADD West Texas to combat drinking and driving.


Why Jennifer volunteers with MADD:  On July 14, 2005, David Esparza was following a friend to return a school book when he was hit by a drunk driver on Gateway East near Sumac in El Paso, Texas.   The female drunk driver was sentenced to four years in a state prison.  The offender has now been released from prison.  The family and friends of David continue to live without David; that is a life sentence.  David’s family and his cousin, Jennifer Marie, were thankful to MADD and their advocate who was their liaison during the court proceedings and still provides support long after the crash.  That is why the family and Jennifer decided to give back!  Jennifer has been volunteering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving since 2013 as a Walk Like MADD committee volunteer and in the last two years, Jennifer has served as the Walk Committee Chair and in her roles as a leader has brought to MADD the presenting sponsor for the event, Southwest University and helped to raise nearly $80,000 for the organization.  Jennifer is passionate, thoughtful and dedicated to end drunk driving in memory of her cousin, David.


Why Rocio & Rebecca volunteer with MADD:  Twin sisters, Rocio & Rebecca Fierro learned of drunk driving and the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving while participating in a Shattered Dreams program at El Paso Community College in February 2015.  Little did they know, less than one month later, their lives would be devastated by a drunk driver.  In March, 2015, Jose Roberto Fierro Perez, was killed by a drunk driver.  Now, Rocio & Rebecca have joined MADD’s fight to end drunk driving and a future of NO MORE VICTIMS by participating in speaking engagements, media interviews on MADD’s Power of Parents program, and helped record a PSA to share during the holidays. Their mother, Mrs. Rosa Martinez, also participated in the PSA recording and assists MADD with office volunteer opportunities. Rocio and Rebecca are the voice for their loving big brother and continue to keep his legacy alive.