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Lindsey Family | DWI Mobile Trailer – Moving Memorial

The Trailer – Moving Memorial

The DWI Mobile trailer is a moving memorial donated by the Lindsey family. The Lindsey family was from Seminole, Texas; the family was returning from feeding livestock from the 4H club Rachel belonged to when they were hit by a drunk driver who ran a stop sign. The Lindsey children, Rachel (10), Madelyn (6), and Yates (1 mo.) were killed. The parents were seriously injured and survived. The trailer was purchased with the help of companies and individual sponsors and now been transformed to carry and display the red truck the Lindsey family was driving at the time of the crash.

The trailer has Plexiglas on the left and right side that makes the red crashed truck visible on both sides.  When using a step ladder, the car seats of the children, a small shoe and pacifier are all visible as well.  The crashed truck is exactly as it was the date of the crash.

After the crash, family and friends were greatly saddened and affected by what they learned and started a memorial at the site of the crash.  At the site of the crash there was a stop sign where the community left stuffed animals and gifts for the Lindsey children – inside the trailer is the stop sign with the stuffed animals.


The Lindsey Children

Rachel Lindsey, 10 | 7/2/1994 – 8/28/2004

Madelyn Lindsey, 6 | 5/26/1998 – 8/28/2004

Yates Lindsey, 1 month | 7/23/2004 – 8/28/2004


The Crash

In Seminole, Texas, the Lindsey family were on their way to have dinner on August 28, 2004 at approximately 7:30 pm when a drunk driver, Eloisa Quintanilla who ran a stop sign speeding (reported as high as 80 MPH) when she hit the Lindsey family’s truck. Quintanilla had a .22 BAC.  The impact was so great that all three children were pronounced dead.  Parents, Dirk and Tara were taken to the hospital and were in ICU.  Family and friends were asked not share the news of the children’s condition as medical staff were worried that would worsen their conditions.

Five months after the deadly crash, the drunk driver plead guilty to 3-counts of Murder and 2-counts of Intoxicated Assault.  She was sentenced to 3-life terms and two-10 year sentences.  She is currently in the state prison serving her a life sentence.  Quintanilla was 39 at the time of the crash and will not be eligible for parole until September 2034, when she is 69 – 30 years after her crash.


The Aftermath

Two years after the death of their children on August 28, 2006, Dirk and Tara received news they were approved for the adoption of twins from China.  They named their daughters Faith and Hope.  In a story by the Today Show, they share that their daughters gave them Faith and Hope.  They were gifted a beautiful portrait of their 5 children on the show.


The trailer is 27 feet long, over 15 feet tall, and weighs over 10,000 pounds.  The exhibit is large; it is recommended to have an open space.


For more information,please contact MADD West Texas at 915.779.1987 | [email protected]